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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Making

The christmas tree the beginning symbol of christmas time
forever green,a symbol of Life
Reaching from earth to heaven.

The special Angels we sat down together to make for our tree and loved ones.

A special christmas gift for Emily a waldorf inspired doll I made for her.
Blessing her with love as she came into being through my hands.

Special present making for nanna busy cutting ,pasting and look what we made.

Angels with flowers holding gifts of cookies ,
how surprised nanna was with her handmade gifts.
The children glowing when they gave them.

Baking time nanna came over to make a gingerbread house
she read out the recipe and instructions
this was the first time we had made one and it fell apart
when we put it together so we ate the pieces!!!!!!!!
There is always next year.
Storytime with papa it is great to see my dad being close with the children.
Christmas morning and presents are unwraped
what a surprise as sounds of joy are heard
and the day is filled with playing with their new toys.
Gifts given for them to enjoy.

The gentle joy of a new toy

And that was Advent and Christmas at our home ..........
now the Angels come and christmas is slowly taken down
As we come to the end of the year
and turn to a new one and Summer comes.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Magic of christmas

Mary and Joesph begin their journey to Bethlehem.

The first week of Advent the stones and crystals appear and the humble stable
with a path leading the way for Mary and Joesph.

The second week of Advent and plants appear on the Altar in celebration of plants

The third week animals appear on the Advent altar
in honor of the animals we share this world with our friends.

The fourth week of Advent and people appear in symbol of the three shepherds
humble men close to the land caring for animals,

And The three Kings appear symbols of power and wisdom
bearing gifts.

New Life a child is born A promise of all that can be,
Our symbol of family.

Everyone gathers round to see and greet the new born King
bringing gifts to celebrate.
Celebrating life and loved ones and friends our gatherings.

And who is this woman ?
from our beautiful russian folktale book
searching for the Christ child.

The beautiful Angel
who watches over our Altar for Christmas
with a golden star hanging above her.

The Magic of christmas,,,,,
The crowning of the year and celebrating life and family

focusing inwardly at home the beginnings of christmas,
Mary and Joesph appear on the seasons altar and start their journey
we snuggle up together in the evening and start reading our advent stories

First week the rocks and crystals appear on the advent altar
Second week is plants
Third week animals
Fourth week people
The excitement builds as the children place all the treasures on the advent altar
and the christmas scene is created.

Each Sunday we light a candle on our Advent wreath
which creates a special moment of reverence.
Each sunday we also hang a angel on our christmas hanging
bringing the beauty of angels before us.

The Advent Angels gathering in a circle

As the days end we add another star to our ribbon which counts
the days passing until christmas day
when the christmas candle appears which we light on
our special dinner table.

After Christmas Day the angels come and guide as to the new year .