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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Autumn Homeschool Inspiration planning

Autumn stirrings

Add ImagePainting walls with a freshness of newlife before the dark days of winter

Angel surrounded by love

Children`s art area floor painted

New cupboards made for children`s creative play storage area
it is so much fun going to the hardware store kids in toe
buying wood and tools,
then going home and watching mum get the power tools out
and making them something special just for them.
Everyone hammering, cutting ,holding wood
and watching all the wood put together to create something to use.
this process always amazes me
how through my being
I take things and turn them into a finished whole object
be it art,craft a doll etc........

Autumn gifts

Ducks a swimming quack, quack, quack

Deers come out to play

Lion keeping guard roar.......

Fox enjoying the mountains in the morning sunlight

Oldman Winter has his faithful wolf

Children busy picking up and dropping stones in containers
learning how to use their new excavator...........

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Autumn in our garden

Quiet mornings awakening

freshness in the air

Gentle sunlight

sky changing

raindrops on leaves

leaves full which soon begin to float down down to the ground

last of the fruit is gathered

corn growing in fullness

new shoots greeting autumn

Corn reaching to the sky between heaven and earth

standing strong and tall

fullness of life


Lent Garden
Easter is fast approaching ........
A time for reverence ,excitement, and inner focus
we created this special lent garden on our season`s altar
which on easter sunday will be transformed into a easter garden
with beautiful eggs and baby animals and flowers

~Easter Secret~

shhhh.......what is behind the curtain .......

lets peep in and see..........................

some bunny rabbits and eggs.......in a rainbow nest.....

easter is coming soon................

Autumn season

Come and walk in the forest

Over the bridge and down the path

to Autumn Land

The Autumn prince greets us

Mother Earth is putting the root children to sleep

Old man Winter is watching over

and the squirrel family have moved into our tree
busily gathering nuts

and the acorn children have come out to play

The playroom has been changed as the seasons change.

It was kind of sad putting away
and taking down all of our summer creations,
but with some inspiration and recreating autumn has arrived
which quickly lifted our spirits and new joy arrived
wood gathered in the rain to make the squirrels home
autumn coloured cloths gathered
old friends arrived from the seasons cupboard
story books changed to autumn and winter old favourites
and some new autumn books arrive
and some autumn gifts....

on the seasons altar *
a special curtain covers over with just a tiny gap
left open to peep in
with a special nest of eggs and bunny rabbits

some easter anticipation............................

Friday, March 13, 2009

Summer Goodbye

The Summer family is saying goodbye as they are making room for the Autumn family to come.

Summer goodbye, Summer goodbye
you may no longer stay
Autumn is on its way
summer goodbye, summer goodbye

The Heat is going
with some warm days lingering on
as the seasons change
from one to another

the plants show signs of the summer`s intense heat
as they welcome the coolness and refreshing rains
a time of renewal and growth from within

Fullness of summer
has died and gone to sleep under the earth
ready to awaken again next spring
with the warming of the sun

Sunflower awaken to the sun
by opening wide with all her glory
and now has transformed herself
into magical seeds full of life
awaiting next summer to greet a new summer`s day

Corn growing strong through the summer heat
has now given a gift of new life
slowly emerging from her cocoon
a corn husk starts to open
if eaten then be no more
but if the seeds are saved
new life returns next summer

Leaves a blowing

Windmills turning

Angel bells ringing

I hear the call to come and play with the wind...........

I turn now to the garden to prepare, create , refresh
clear away summer`s end and make room for new growth
weeds are gathered, paths made a new, gardens prepared

new projects started before the rains come............

firewood gathered and stored............................
ready for the cold days of winter
where we snuggle and eat by open fire

I start to smell and taste the call for baking
potatoes and damper in the fire
crumbles and muffins with custard on dark evenings
pumpkin soup made from our carved pumpkin

late night reading snuggled with a blanket wrapped around

Making and doing
woodwork where my hands work one with the wood
and I feel the trees they once were
kite making to fly in the wind.......
Knitting, weaving, doll making....... making treasures

Easter the new gateway to the journey of the year ahead
a gift of life and renewal
before we walk into the darkness of winter
which I do so love
walking with the wind
dancing in the rain
smelling the freshness of rain
snuggling in bed
sleeping deeply through the coldness of night
to awaken to a new day with my own sun shinning bright

Summer goodbye.............

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Boat Painting

The wide blue sea
was calm as can be
a little boat appeared
with two sailors aboard
sailing across the sea...............

Morning CircleTime songs

here is the deep blue sea
here is the boat
and here is me
here are all the
fishes down below
wriggling their tails
and away they go.............

big red boat
big green boat
big yellow boat
sailing on the water
the wind blows
blows you back to me.

Circletime reading