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Friday, February 27, 2009

Under the Sea

Tracing the pattern onto paper

Cutting out

sharks are swimming
in the deep water
sharks are snapping
snap, snap, snap,
Quick swim away..............

This is a great book
my son has made so many things from the book by himself......
great models to play with and tell stories

These are some seahorses he made himself
using his own design and using the skills he learnt
from this book.............................

Painting Octopus

A big octopus
with eight long legs
lived in the big blue sea
he loved to dance
all day amongst the green seaweed
he was very happy
but he kept falling over all his legs!

Morning Circletime Song

I am a dingle dangle octopus
with eight legs
I dingle like this
and dangle like that
then I run away on all my legs
quick see if you can catch me.............

Circletime reading:
picture book

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Octopus on the run.....

Lots of stufffinnng eight legs and a head......

Covered the inner head with stretchy material
sewed the legs up on the sewing machine
and secured them with needle and thread

And this is our octopus

the children played and played with him
and it was so magical watching their faces glow
with excitement as he was created

Painting Whales

This painting was inspired from the book (Whales Journey by Vivian French)
which we have been reading in morning circletime..

I hear the whale`s song
dancing in the sea
watch for the giant whales
as they swim in the sea.................

Painting Crabs

As I was walking along the sand
I found some crabs looking at me
hiding between the old brown rocks
peeping out....
then I looked out to sea
and fishes swam by
all on a summer `s day

Circletime song

five crabs sitting on a rock
swoosh here comes a wave
four crabs sitting on a rock
one fell off
three crabs sitting on a rock
a boy picks one up
two crabs sitting on a rock
a seagull ate one
one crab sitting on a rock
here comes the rain
no crabs sitting on the rock

Circletime reading:
picture book

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Making Crabs

Foil scrunched into flat rock shape

Tissue paper torn into small pieces

Tissue paper glued onto foil to make body

legs cut out

Legs bent into shape
and nippers added
don`t you love the eyes!!!!!!

Arrrrr....look out for the crabs

Walking along the beach
something is on my toe
it is a crab
arrrr..........let go

(the children love being the crab that bites my toe!)

Painting Fishes

Under the sea
green seaweed sways in the water
with fishes swimming in and out
blowing lots of small round bubbles
which gently float through the water
magical starfishes
are also playing here
and then the fish start to swim away
it is a shark...........

Circletime Songs

nimble fishes
in the water
what do you see
fishes flitting everywhere
happy as can be
flitter, flicker, flitter, flicker
nimble fishes love to hide.

fishes ,fishes
swimming in the sea
in and out of the seaweed
hiding behind a rock
fishes, fishes
swimming in the sea

sharks are swimming
in the deep water
sharks are snapping
snap, snap, snap,
quick swim away! (play chasey shark tries to eat the fishes)

Circletime reading:
picture books

Fish Making

Painted fish

First we cut out fish
then we draw with beeswax crayon

Then we paint them with Lyra watercolour paints

Beautiful fishes swimming in and out of the seaweed
(crepe paper hanging down on window)

Paper fishes

First we draw simple fishes
and cut out

With beeswax crayons
we add eyes and patterns

Then we place them on tissue paper
on our underwater scene

Simple felt fishes

Felt scraps are gathered

Cutting begins
then some glueing ......no lots of glueing
see all the stripes.....

Lots of fishes
swimming in the ocean....

this led onto lots of maths ,
counting, dividing out to us all
and o my when the shark came and ate some
how many left.......
(this all just happened naturally)