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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

~Old Mac Donalds Farm~

Main lesson book
Beginning reading creating Old Mac Donald Farm Book

We have read lots of farmyard tales & stories.......
Our Circletime has been very active with lots of animal actions
and sounds..........................................

The barnyard dance is about to begin
hitch up your pants and jump right ihusk the corn
feed the chickens
crow with the rooster in the early morning
bow to your partner
wave hello
clap your hands and tap your toe
pick the apples
milk the cow
hoe the weeds and push the plow
the barnyard dance has come to an end

The cow in the barn goes moo mo0o mooo
the pig in the pen goes oink oink oink
the hens in the coop go cluck cluck cluck
the lambs on the hill go baaa baa baaa
the ducks on the pond go quack quack quack

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